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Freelance Editing

“I've been lucky enough to have Laura as my editor from the beginning of both our careers. I was just starting out as a published author and was so impressed with her grammar knowledge that I suggested she become a full-time editor. I’m glad I did, because as fabulous as her editing skills were back then, they’re even better now, which I didn’t think was possible. It’s hard for me to find an editor who knows more about grammar than I do, as well as someone I can trust with my precious darlings, but I know when I send a manuscript to Laura, it’s in good hands. Her eye is impeccable, and her ability to recollect details from previous books is unrivaled. If you want an editor who has the walk to back up the talk, look no further. You’ve found her.”                                                                                     ~Donya Lynne

“It's been great working with Laura. I will be happy to work with her on future projects.”  

                                                                                            ~Patricia Fentie

“Laura is an amazing editor. I have already referred her to many of my author friends. Will be using her time and again.” 

                                                                                            ~Amy Magness-Whatley

“Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. I held her to high standards, and she shattered every one of them, completing my MS on deadline and impressing me with her skill. I am very pleased with the services she has provided, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance editor.” 

                                                                                            ~Theresa McClinton

“Laura's work was astounding and had more effort and passion than I had thought to ever require. She found exact meanings of things that were said and exact pretenses of things that were mentioned. She went far beyond what I asked as far as editing and proofread the piece several times. It was a pleasure working with her and honestly after seeing her quality of work, i will be back with my next book regardless of what it is. I even have Diva Magazine and other UK magazines looking to review my book. I just had an indie film maker ask to review it as well. Thanks!” 

                                                                                            ~Lena Rai

“Laura was efficient, professional, and well-versed in editing. Her feedback and commentary were essential to giving my manuscript the final polish that it needs. I'm beyond pleased with her work.” 

                                                                                            ~Mia L Heintzelman

Other Awesome Words!

“Working with Laura was not only wonderful, but extremely easy. There were no issues and she was only an e-mail away if i had a question. She put in so much time to help in every way I could ask and even went above and beyond. I highly recommend her. She knows what she's doing, stays true to deadlines, and is extremely kind. I look forward to working with her again!” ~Angela


“Laura is a total rock star and is a great editor! She is quick, professional, and knows editing like the back of her hand. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!” ~Logan